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Expansion of repulsion area on the face increases distance performance

Slits of deformed shape

These prevent distance loss and directional unstability even with off-center-hit!The result that off-center-hit-ball comes back to the center.

■The center
groove is shallower and narrower
→Remains stiffness
■Toe & heel side
groove is larger and deeper
→Increases repulsion

Expansion of repulsion area on the face

GROOVE is placed on the closest position of sole part to the face that expanses repulsion area(Compared to the previous model 105%)
Expansion of repulsion area Further idmproves “Distance loss” and “unstable direction”!
※Especially in the case of mishit on the heel side, it saves spin rate and the ball does not rise that increases distance

Increase repulsion on the face

Coefficient of repulsion increases on the side of toe and heel of 15m by GROOVE POWER AREA.
Distance loss when hit on the off-center reduces ⇒ Distance increases!

CT measurement by shifting 15㎜ around sweet spot. Down rate of repulsion coefficient.


Further low center of gravity provides high launch angle & low spin

HONMA’s specialty for head shape

Not only big, expression of sharpness and strength in size.
Easy-to-hit of a look when address provides confidence and the shape to be able to swing smoothly increases distance and high trajectory.


Easy-to-catch the ball due to more canter of gravity angle

Focus on the grasp of the head

The design that focuses on the grasp with expansion of center of gravity angle due to placing a 7g weight on the sole near to the heel. Therefore, there is no need to adjust to the excessive hook face.

Large center of gravity angle → Easy to catch the ball

Weight screw 7g
(No Exchange available)
Large center of gravity angle
(Center of gravity angle 25°)

A new VIZARD shaft was developed for Be ZEAL

Our power of development that satisfies professionals is put into achieving amateur golfers' full potential.

Design technology to "Effectively" convey power to the ball


Head speed increase!

5㎜ lower kick-point & 9㎜ higher kick-point(compared to the previous model)

4㎜ lower kick-point & 7㎜ higher kick-point(compared to the previous model)


Easy to take timing for wide range of golfers!

The design is for wide range of targets and the rigidity in the shaft high-point increases. Higher launch angle.


Reduction of power loss!

Adoption of TORAYCA® prepregs prevents power loss of when mishit at minimum.

EPT-Tech(Efficient Power Transmission Technology)

CAE of TORAY(Computer Aided Engineering) analysis technology was used to co-develop low/high-kick-point with TORAY Inc., the world's largest carbon fiber supplier. The best material including “a vibration damping material” was selected from 100 carbon fiber TORAYCA® prepreg with plenty of design simulation on data. Moreover, as the result of HONMA’s tests and careful consideration, this shaft was developed that effectively brings out the potential of a wide range of amateur golfers.

※TORAYCA® is the registered trademark of Toray industries.

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Head material / Manufacturing process Ti811 Titanium / Casting
Face material / Manufacturing process Ti6-4 Titanium / Rolled
Loft(deg.) 9.5 10.5
Lie angle(deg.) 59.5
Head volume(cm3) 460
Length(inches) 45.75
Swing weight・
Gross weight(g)
VIZARD for Be ZEAL R D1・292
SR D2・295
S D2・296
Made in Japan

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Material Carbon + Vibration damping material
Kick-point Low-Mid
Flex R,SR,S
#(No.) 1W
Gross weight(g) R 48.0
SR 49.5
S 51.0
Torque(deg.) R 5.80
SR 5.70
S 5.60
Frequency(cpm) R 228
SR 236
S 244
※Data refers to the shaft only

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