Be ZEAL535 LadiesIRON

Ensure that golfers who swing the club can feel the performance of the club by five senses


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Repulsion function increase and weight saving on the head

4 slits on the head

4 slits placed on the sole, toe, heel and top blade increases repulsion on the head(2 slits inside of the head)and also effects weigh saving(2 slits outside of the head).

Sole in the cavity


Repulsion area expansion

Joint the head and face

Distance performance increases with expansion of repulsion areas on the face made with reduction of joint area on the face and head.

Face repulsion area expands
(Compared to the previous model 110%)


Low/deep center of gravity

Low/deep center of gravity with Tungsten weights

More trajectory with low/deep center of gravity with placing Tungsten weights, 6g toe side and 3g heel side, in the both side of the cavity.(#4~#10)

Tungsten weights
Heel side 3g
Tungsten weights
Toe side 6g


That provide easy-to-address and better control

Evolution of head size

Evolution of head side reviewed from previous model that increases better control.

■Compared to the previous model

Head length:-1.0㎜ ⇒ Better control
Head height:-0.5㎜ ⇒ Low center of gravity
Sole width:+1.0㎜ ⇒ Deep center of gravity
Low/deep center of gravity provides
forgiveness and better control!

Even though easy big head is, sharpness is emphasized with round on the toe that leads to “Easy-to-address” when address.

Head finish

Plaiting on the titanium face with HONMA original plaiting skill could not be done by other competitors.
Coefficient of friction is lower and easy to swing off due to the sole shape.
Strength and durability of head increases and also presence as “product” effectively fills customers’desire.

A new VIZARD shaft was developed for Be ZEAL

Our power of development that satisfies professionals is put into achieving amateur golfers' full potential.

Design technology to "Effectively" convey power to the ball


Head speed increase!

5㎜ lower kick-point & 9㎜ higher kick-point(compared to the previous model)

4㎜ lower kick-point & 7㎜ higher kick-point(compared to the previous model)


Easy to take timing for wide range of golfers!

The design is for wide range of targets and the rigidity in the shaft high-point increases. Higher launch angle.


Reduction of power loss!

Adoption of TORAYCA® prepregs prevents power loss of when mishit at minimum.

EPT-Tech(Efficient Power Transmission Technology)

CAE of TORAY(Computer Aided Engineering) analysis technology was used to co-develop low/high-kick-point with TORAY Inc., the world's largest carbon fiber supplier. The best material including “a vibration damping material” was selected from 100 carbon fiber TORAYCA® prepreg with plenty of design simulation on data. Moreover, as the result of HONMA’s tests and careful consideration, this shaft was developed that effectively brings out the potential of a wide range of amateur golfers.

※TORAYCA® is the registered trademark of Toray industries.

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Head material / Manufacturing process SUS630(body)・HMT Titanium(face) / Casting(body)・Rolling(face)
Head plating Chrome plating + Satin finish + Polish + Painting finish
#(No.) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 SW
Loft(deg.) 24.0 27.0 30.0 34.0 38.0 43.0 49.0 56.0
Lie angle(deg.) 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 63.0 63.0 63.0 63.5
VIZARD for Be ZEAL Length(inches) 37.0 36.5 36.0 35.5 35.0 34.5 34.5 34.5
Swing weight・
Gross weigh(g)
L B8・327 B8・333 B8・340 B8・346 B8・353 B8・359 B9・361 B9・361
A B8・329 B8・335 B8・342 B8・348 B8・355 B8・361 B9・363 B9・363
Made in Japan

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Material Carbon + Vibration damping material
Kick-point Low-Mid
Flex L,A
#(No.) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 SW
Gross weight(g) L 43.5 43.0 43.5 43.0 43.5 43.0
A 45.0 44.5 45.0 44.5 45.0 44.5
Torque(deg.) L 4.05 3.95 3.85 3.75 3.65 3.55
A 4.00 3.90 3.80 3.70 3.60 3.50
Frequency(cpm) L 242 249 256 264 272 280
A 250 257 264 272 280 288
※Data refers to the shaft only

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