Low spin and trajectory ensured by a shallow center of gravity design.

The traditional shape and mid center of gravity design that traditionalists love.

A model with superb directional stability that gives assistance by featuring a deep center of gravity and a high MOI.

A model for long carry distances and a high MOI.


Large profile model that provides confidence and carry distance performance as demanded by professional golfers.

The TW737 FWc provides flexibility and shot control from the tee and turf with a compact profile that delivers slightly lower launch.


Large, confidence inspiring profile for golfers that need enhanced launch. Slight face progression for golfers that prefer a fairway metal look.

Compact profile for launch and trajectory control for more distance.

"Sharp + Gentle" utilities for professionals.


A modern, compact cavity blade for shot making and W-forged feel.

W-forged cavity model that features carry distance and maneuverability with forgiveness.

W-forged model that gave shape to excellent ease of taking an address position, mild ball striking feeling, and carry distance performance.

Precision cast pocket cavity model that ensures high trajectory and overwhelming carry distance performance achieved by low center of gravity and strong loft design.

Evolutionary muscle-back iron.


Designed in conjunction with our tour professionals.
Enjoy superior turf interaction and outstanding control


We will release the first model of the Tour World putter series.


The Extreme Bounding type shaft which can feel a sharp swing.

The Shaft easy to take timing and bounding without habit.

The Extreme Resilience type shaft which sets strength and a feeling of tenacity on the high end part.

The shaft is in response to the needs of the ladies professional player which able to hit a high launch ball and aim dead on the pin.

The Shaft which is conscious of the flow to the IB shaft and a steel shaft.

Specially designed shaft for wedge, that was born from the idea of the professional player, Mr.Tanihara.