The traditional shape and mid center of gravity design that traditionalists love.

High operability, easy-to-use

High Maneuverability × Adequate Spin Rate × Traditional Shape
Shape The semi high-back shape has been achieved irrespective of the deep face driver.
center of gravity Design It is designed to ensure excellent stability for a little shorter center of gravity distance and is a little shorter with the middle center of gravity.
Face The high density cup face, featuring pleasant hitting sound and response, allows the user to feel the ball caught on the face.

High-Density Cup Face

“The feel of the ball catching by the club face” is the best feature

The 450 club face was designed for maneuverability, whereas the 455 is straight-line stability.
Able to obtain a stable trajectory and comfortable hitting feel with an appropriate spin.

The special high-density method is a multiple process. A two press process is added after hot-forming the face. It adds greater density to the metal texture of 6-4 titanium, thereby enhancing the rigidity of the material.
Body:Lightweight 8-1-1 titanium
Face:6-4 titanium high density cup face
Weight 8g
Redistribution of weight from the thin crown

The thickness of the crown aimed at lightening with partial wall thickness of 0.6mm and 0.55mm and distributed the surplus weight into the sole part.

Head material / manufacturing process 811 titanium / Casting
Face material / manufacturing process 6-4 titanium / Forged
Loft (deg.) 9.5 10.5
Lie angle (deg.) 58.5
Head volume (cm3) 450
Distance to center of gravity (mm) 38.0 38.5
Height to center of gravity (mm) 34.0 34.5
Depth to center of gravity (mm) 38.0 38.5
Angle to center of gravity (deg.) 24.5 24.0
Length (inches) 45.5
        R SR S X
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
VIZARD EX-A 55 D1・306 D2・309 D2・310 -
65 - D2・315 D2・316 D3・320
75 - - D2・323 D3・327
EX-C 55 D1・305 D2・308 D2・309 -
65 - D2・314 D2・315 D3・319
75 - - D2・321 D3・325
EX-Z 55 D1・306 D2・309 D2・310 -
65 - D2・315 D2・316 D3・320
75 - - D2・322 D3・326
Made in Japan


Name TW Rubber
Material Rubber
Weight (g) 49.5
Size M60