Designed in conjunction with our tour professionals.
Enjoy superior turf interaction and outstanding control.

Line up for loft / bounce which fulfills every style of serious golfers

Loft (deg.) 48 50 52 56 58 60
Bounce (deg.) 9 8 12 8 12 8
  • Soft iron-forging method of manufacturing delivers exceptional feel on impact with the ball, meeting the high-level needs of all serious golfers.
  • In an effort to maintain a sense of consistency in the transition from our TW737 iron clubs, the area around the neck should be sharpened to ensure that no offset is visually perceived.
  • The clean and elegant design of the new TW-W wedge matches well with any iron club produced bearing the TOUR WORLD brand name.
  • A 48° loft angle option was added to expand the range of choices.

Our iron clubs will not be defeated!
Excellent compatibility of wedge, debut with shafts which are specially designed, the "VIZARD IB W".


In order to meet the demands of professional golfer Hideto Tanihara, who indicated that he wanted us to produce a shaft that would allow him to hit balls on a low trajectory and feel as if the ball were riding on the face of the head, we modified the VIZARD IB, a weighted carbon shaft for irons, into a shaft designed especially for wedge clubs.
By increasing the stiffness of the tip and moderating the stiffness of the grip, balls can be hit with power, the loft at impact operates in accordance with the standing direction of the golfer, and exceptional spin performance is rendered.

Hideto Tanihara's comment I have repeatedly tested this shaft since last year and can definitely say with pleasure that a shaft has been produced to my satisfaction. It feels as if the ball is riding on the face of the head. And with a low trajectory, the ball spins incredibly well.

48°/ 50°/ 52°


A triangular shape promotes consistency in the transition from our TOUR WORLD irons

To emphasize consistency in the transition from our TOUR WORLD irons to our approach wedges, we opted to leave the face size alone, forming a triangular shape by sharpening the sides that converge on the toe.


Enjoy optimum wedge performance with outstanding control

The sole has also been designed to promote consistency in the transition from our TOUR WORLD irons.In Honma Golf’s efforts to accommodate Hideto’s demands for a better performing wedge, we have developed the new TW-W wedge, which gives golfers the ability to easily control their distance demands during the game.

56°/ 58°/ 60°


Golfers of all abilities will feel an added sense of confidence thanks to the wedge’s larger head

The TW-W wedge’s built-up blade and raised heel enables players to the use more of the club face when opening up the wedge face at address.


Greater accuracy in wedge play with superior spin performance

Designed with an emphasis on stability, the shape of the TW-W wedge’s sole helps prevent its leading edge from rising at address, while its moderate bounce allows for greater consistency.
More accurate and consistent wedge play, similar to that experienced by professional golfers, has been achieved through a process which involves repeatedly grinding down the surface in increments of 0.1 mm to render superior spin performance.


Focus on Goose

  • By reducing the goose rate from 2.0 mm to 1.5 mm, we have designed a wedge that looks and feels straighter at address.
  • A traditional design which promotes a seamless transition from irons to wedges, allowing golfers of all levels to combine these wedges with any of our TW737 series iron models.

Featuring a desired finish to the face


The entire surface of the TW-W wedge face features a blast finish, which helps golfers to visualize that more of the face can be used in order to maximize their technique and performance. This blast finish also greatly reduces glare reflecting off the club face, allowing golfers to focus on their shot making when it matters most.

Head material / manufacturing process Mild steel / Forged
Face material / manufacturing process Half mirror + Mirror finish / Face : Blast finish
Dynamic Gold
Loft (deg.) 48.0 50.0 52.0 56.0 58.0 60.0
Bounce (deg.) 9 8 12 8 12 8
Lie angle (deg.) 63.5
Face progression (mm) 5.5
Distance to center of gravity (mm) 32.5 34.0
Height to center of gravity (mm) 22.5 23.0 24.5
Length (inches) Dynamic Gold 35.0
VIZARD IB 95W 35.125
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
Dynamic Gold S200 D2・472 D3・474
VIZARD IB 95W D1・447 D2・449
Made in Japan



Name TW Rubber M60(Without backline)
Material Rubber
Gross weight (g) 49.0
Size M60

Dynamic Gold

Name TW Rubber M58(Without backline)
Material Rubber
Gross weight (g) 51.0
Size M58